Telangana inter students suicides

My dear friends……

Life is very valuable gift …..

Please don’t end it abruptly

Life is a gift of your parents

You don’t have a right to end the precious gift offered by parents

Life is not a worn off shirt to through it into dustbin

Once you leave this world … never return back …. whatever the circumstances …..

You won’t get your Life back ….if you wish to live …..

There is no meaning to end life ….just because of failure in the examination….

You have your role to play in this big world……exams are not measurements of your whole potential……it’s just measurement of one year progress….

Before attempting suicides just think of …… your mother …. your father …. your siblings…….how they suffer after your death…..

Think of your mother crying over your corp….

Think of your father mourning over our breathless body….

Think of how your sibling cries …..

If you die who will take care of Your parents …

You will play with your siblings…..

Who will fulfill your niche in this world , in this society…

Society needs you my dear friend….. don’t en your life for silly reasons …..

Think positive ….

Education is not a sole solution to all problems that exist in this world…

This world is not going to end by your failure in aftral an exam….

Think high ….be possitive …..fight with the fault systems…..fight for cause. …fight for life……

Who knows you might create history… might bring good name to your parents….

You might save whole world in fatalities…..


Stop your suicidal thoughts…..go ahead … happly … proudly….

Random thoughts

Daily talk to family…. Share your happiness but not sadness.

Keep the family happy ….take care of them.

Sometimes family may not support you but , don’t neglecte it.

How moody your it shouldn’t appear in your words and voice.

Re collection

One of my friends Prem very good and nice guy. He never use bad words even with friends. He is firm believer of chriest. I never saw such strict follower of any religion. As I hailed from Telangana a state in India, my area predominantly Hindu society. Ofcourse we are not strict followers of Hinduism.

Strictly speaking we don’t have any particular religious practices. We simply allow all traditions and festivals of all the religions. It’s not surprising to not to follow any religion in my area. But it’s predominantly Hindu tilted region.

Why I am writing all this at this crucial time….. because I remembered my roommates. I was staying with my friends in a small room in Hyderabad. We have sweet memories. We use to prepare for civil service examination.

In my roommates prem cleared the exam. Remaining people still struggling to clear exam.

Here I want to talk about prakasham. He is very good and never harm anyone. Due coarse of time he use to get hurt by others. But he never rise any issue with anyone. Regarding his discomfortness with others behavior.

I wanted to convey one massage here that is “one should not keep quite, if your troubled by others.”

After sometime prakasham use to avoid the fellows , because of whom he suffered.

Instead bearing pain one should express their discomfort and should clear their heart ….so that we may not loose our friends.


  1. The views expressed in this blog are my own. Not intended to hurt anyone.
  2. If you feel bad by my posts it’s not my problem.
  3. I strongly avoiding hard phrases which might hurt others feelings.
  4. I wanted my feelings to be dumped somewhere. So, dumping here.
  5. If your views are against my views just ignore my views,but not negate with me.
  6. Finally if you felt bad by my words let me know.
  7. So, that I can’t repeat such posts.

Thanks for reading.

Floating thoughts

What are you running for ….?

Power/money/reputation/or something else….

No, need to run.

Calm down.

Be peaceful .

If you running for reputation. Just stop and think once……

You can’t imprint your image on time.

So many tried the same but each of them failed.

If you accumulating money ….just wait

You can’t eat money and you can’t take single Penny out of this world….

If you holding power ….

It will go one day….and you will become powerless …….than no body cares about you….

So, lead happy and peaceful life.


Swirling thoughts

I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

It’s my heart brain when I feel good, bad,worst/happy,moody,sad…..

All my ideas reflects my situations in the journey of life…..

This ideas/ thoughts are applicable to each of you, at some point of life.

Your thoughts represents your mood swings, which are driven by your situations.